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We want to help you as much as we can, so we hope you'll bear in mind the following information regarding what to do prior to bringing your car into us for servicing and other work. Also, we've included some information about block exemption - the rules by which suitably qualified independent garages like ourselves can service and maintain a car while still enabling you to build a credible service history and preserve the manufacturer's warranty.

Prior to your visit

  • Please give clear instructions (preferably written) of the work you'd like us to do if additional to or over and above a routine service.
  • List all faults you're aware of and describe as best you can any 'evidence' such as types of noise, warning lights on/displaying intermittently etc.
  • Leave a telephone number with us where we can contact you while your car is with us.
  • Please leave the car's service book on the front seat of the car or hand in to reception so it can be stamped.
  • If your car has locking wheel nuts, PLEASE ENSURE THE UNLOCKING KEY NUT IS IN THE CAR. Even if we're not specifically working on the wheels/brakes, we may have to remove wheels to inspect something or to access other parts of the car. Ideally, leave a note in the car or inform reception whereabouts in the car we can find the key nut.
  • Please call in advance on 0113 239 0008 if you have any queries.

Block exemption - we can work on your car even if it's under warranty

Block exemption is legislation that came into force in 2003 allowing independent motor garages to carry out servicing and repair work to vehicles during their manufacturer's warranty period without invalidating it. 

The main criteria for this is that the work is carried out in accordance with the manufacturer's schedules and is recorded as such. Parts used must be of 'appropriate quality' and recorded as such. This means you have more freedom in deciding who works on your car - you're no longer restricted by having to take it to a manufacturer's franchised dealer. By bringing it to your one-stop garage serving the Leeds area, you're getting all the benefits of a franchised dealer at around half the price they'd charge.

For further information and to make a booking, call the Leeds experts on 0113 239 0008.

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