Timing belt replacement services in Leeds

The timing belt - or cam belt as it is otherwise known - requires replacing at certain intervals. Failure to replace it within the manufacturer's specified interval could result in it snapping with dire consequences. In pretty much all cases of belt failure, catastrophic and expensive engine damage is the result, not to mention the inconvenience of possibly being stranded miles from home when it occurs. 

How to tell if your car has one 

Many cars of recent vintage will have a timing belt. Some engines will have a chain version ('chain cam') so regular replacement may not be required. If you're in any doubt, feel free to call us - we're a one-stop motoring expert in Leeds and provide timing belt services for all manner of cars so can soon inform you as to what type of belt your car has and when it should be replaced.

When to change it

The manufacturer will have a prescribed interval for timing belt replacement usually expressed in miles/time (whichever occurs sooner). Still check with us though - we sometimes may advise a sooner replacement than the manufacturer states.

It also may be worth having the belt inspected. Despite the recommended replacement intervals, the condition of the cam belt may require it to be changed sooner. It's not something to leave to chance.

Complete replacement service

It's important the cam belt replacement is completed thoroughly. To this end, we always replace associated components such as the cam followers and tensioner at the same time as the timing belt. If these components fail or malfunction, the damage to your car's engine could be similar to the belt breaking.

To check your timing belt or organise a replacement, call the Leeds experts on 0113 239 0008.

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