Engine diagnostic expertise in Leeds

We provide a full engine diagnostic service using the latest in technology to test the engine of your car for various malfunctions. Many cars now have computerised engine management systems designed to look after the efficient running of the engine, and these can be 'interrogated' by our leading edge equipment by literally 'plugging' your car into the system.

So if a tell-tale warning light has shown up on your dashboard, we can plug your car in to our diagnostic testing equipment and soon get to the root of the problem. These days symptoms such as difficult starting, misfires, overheating and poor performance can be investigated though engine diagnostic tests and the cause quickly identified.

The right diagnostics

Of course, engine diagnostics can only be effective with the right expertise and equipment. As cars became more complex in terms of computerisation and electronics, it was considered essential that the main dealer for your make of car carried out diagnostic tests due to the specialised nature of the work.

Thanks to block exemption rules, independent garages like ourselves can carry out diagnostic testing on various car makes if they have the required equipment and experience.

We do, so there's no need to pay inflated main dealer rates when you could save substantially by bringing your car to us.  Call now for the best in engine diagnostics in Leeds on 0113 239 0008.

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Call us now on 0113 239 0008 and speak to one of our friendly operators who will book you into our service centres and assist you with all your car servicing needs.

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