Fuel injector cleaning 

ASNUYour fuel injectors fulfil a vital function by not only providing fuel for the engine, but providing it in the right quantities at the right time. Over thousands of miles, it's possible that their performance can be impaired by contaminants in the fuel that build up over time.

You'll notice this perhaps in increased fuel consumption, a slight drop-off in performance or maybe your exhaust smoke is a bit 'dirtier' than usual. If left unchecked, poorly performing fuel injectors can have expensive implications for items such as the exhaust emissions sensor and catalytic converter. As part of our one-stop service to Leeds motorists, we can help with our advanced fuel injection cleaning.

Symptoms of fuel injector problems

The following can be some symptoms of fuel injector inefficiency: poor starting, poor fuel economy, lacking power, high emissions (perhaps your car has failed the MOT emissions test) and uneven idling.

The cure

We use a cleaning method called ASNU stage flow and ultrasonic to return your car's fuel injectors to their former standards of performance.

It's a competitively priced service - certainly much less than replacing a set of injectors.

We offer a mail-order injector cleaning service, so if you're not local to Leeds send them to us and we'll clean and return them within 24 hours. Pricing information can be found here.

If you're concerned about an aspect of your car's performance and think it may be fuel injector related, then call the experts now on 0113 239 0008.

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