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Your car's air conditioning needs periodic maintenance to continue working efficiently by providing cool air and de-humidifying the interior. We're the Leeds experts in air conditioning servicing and maintenance for many types of car, so if yours needs attention get in touch.

Why does air conditioning need attention?

VentRefrigerant top up: over time the refrigerant levels drop and you'll notice the air conditioning system no longer demists your windows and keeps you as cool as it used to. We can restore the refrigerant (often known as a 're-gas') so the system cools and demists properly once again.

Seals deteriorate: the seals in the system can sometimes dry out and leaks may result. We can check your air conditioning thoroughly for leakages.

Lubrication: one of the reasons why seals can deteriorate is through lack of lubrication. If the system isn't used for a prolonged period, the seals can dry out causing them to work less effectively.

Bacteria and fungus: over time, bacteria and fungus can gather in your air conditioning eventually causing unpleasant odours in the cabin and possibly allergic reactions. To combat this, we can disinfect your air conditioning which will not only rid the system of bacteria and other microorganisms but protect it from future build ups.

One way to minimise the likelihood of seals drying out and bacteria and similar forming is to ensure you use the system regularly, not just during warmer weather and on occasions when you need a fast window demist.

If you feel your air conditioning needs an overhaul, call the professionals in Leeds now on 0113 239 0008.

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