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If you run a Volvo you benefit from a highly reliable car - and maybe you've always driven Volvos as they engender high levels of customer loyalty. Perhaps up to now you've always used a Volvo dealer to service and maintain your car on the basis that they're the best people to use to make sure your car continues to give of its best. Of course, this comes at a price - like many franchised dealers, Volvo dealer labour rates aren't cheap.

What's the alternative if you want to keep your car serviced to high levels, maintain the service history and preserve your warranty(if applicable)?

The alternative is a leading independent garage in Leeds with over 20 years' experience serving local motorists. Recent legislation means you aren't restricted to franchised dealers when it comes to enjoying top levels of service, maintaining your service history and your warranty. As long as the independent garage you use adheres to Volvo stipulated levels of service, you're free to go there. We certainly fulfil the set Volvo criteria, so you can book with us in total confidence.

What would you save in doing so? How does around 50% less than the Volvo dealer sound?

Your booking made easy

You'll get the same facilities you'd expect from the dealer - a collection/delivery service of your car or a courtesy car, a valet while your Volvo is with us and we'll keep you informed as to how your car is progressing while booked with us. We'll guarantee the work for 6 months/6,000 miles (whichever is sooner).

Meeting your full motoring needs

We offer more services to keep your Volvo in A1 condition. Further details are elsewhere on the site but include engine diagnostics, full valeting and replacement exhausts, tyres and batteries.


Price comparison

Typical Volvo main dealer hourly labour rate - £108
Simon Green hourly labour rate - £55

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