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ASNU fuel injection cleaning Horsforth, Leeds

ASNU Fuel Injection Cleaning

A clean and efficient fuel injection system is key to the performance and trouble-free running of your vehicle. However, due to fuel contamination, your vehicle’s fuel injectors do encounter a range of problems.

Regular servicing of your vehicle’s fuel injectors (recommended at approx. 36000 miles) will not only maintain excellent performance, strong fuel economy and minimum exhaust pollution, but will also prolong the life of very important anti-pollution components such as the Lambda sensor and catalytic converter. Should these items fail, the cost of replacement is very high.

Like New

Using the latest ASNU 2 stage flow & ultrasonic cleaning system we are able to restore the injectors to pristine condition for a fraction of the cost of replacement units.

Does your vehicle show any of the symptoms below? If so, we can help.

  • Starting - will not start or starts badly.
  • Idling - lumpy tickover, uneven idling.
  • Performance – lacking power, loss of power or flat spots.
  • Economy - poor fuel consumption, expensive to run.
  • Drivability - drives poorly, hesitates, engine "pinks".
  • Emissions - fails emission test or needs to be ‘tweaked’ to pass the MOT.
  • Lambda Failure - lacquering up, slow in response.
  • Catalyst Failure - failing or breaking up but NO cause found
  • Malfunction of Indicator Light – air/fuel ratio on EOBD.

Testing injectors is not enough. ASNU fuel injection testing ensures that we find the problem and remove the cause.

If you feel your car needs its fuel injection system cleaning, please call us on 0113 239 0008 to discuss how we can help.

If you’re unable to bring your vehicle to us then why not take advantage of our mail order service. Simply send your injectors to us in the post and we will have them cleaned, repackaged and sent back to you all within 24 hours. See our Prices page for more information.

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ASNU Fuel Injection Cleaning